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Excerpts from Donald Miller's article " Artist Finds a Space in Her Own Back Yard", published January 1, 1994, in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"A year and half ago, Sturdevant found herself without a studio when ceramicist Riksta Powell, with whom she shared a studio in Wexford, died. Without a workspace, Sturdevant worked for a while in her garage and then on a rear deck of her house. "On the deck I even worked in thunderstorms. When it was windy, I would hold my sculptures up so they wouldn't fall."

She then built a five foot square pavillion to protect a gas heated kiln. "That was not satisfactory...(so she decided to build a studio in her backyard). I wanted ...the studio to have high reflect the (1950's Tudor) architecture of the house...and I asked for lots of windows."

Best of all the studio fits in with the landscape. The windows face the neighbors woods...In the summer the glass double front doors can open to the outdoors as the sculptor builds her lifesize stoneware figures.

Sturdevant's request for windows had an unexpected Japanese followup. The architect fitted unusually shaped clerestory windows in the studios roofs gables, meeting Sturdevant's request for as much light as possible. From the windows she can see the moon. "A Japanese friend had a tea ceremony in the studio. There we were drinking green tea and looking at the moon. It was wonderful and magical."